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Video Talks:
Scientists answering YOUR questions

Listen to experts answering the questions you asked that we could not answer live on 1 December 2005.
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Giovanni Bignami video talk

Giovanni Bignami, astrophysicist, Director of CESR Toulouse and Chairman of Space Science advisory committee of ESA, answers your questions on Dark Matter and Dark Energy, the Universe and Einstein-related space research.

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Alvaro de Rujula video talk

Alvaro De Rújula, theoretical physicist at CERN, answers your questions on Relativity and Beyond.

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John Ellis

John Ellis, theoretical physicist at CERN, answers your questions on Relativity and Beyond, new theories and the future of physics.

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CMS experiment

Anne-Sylvie Giolo Nicollerat of CMS experiment at CERN shows you around the huge CMS detector being built at CERN around the LHC collider.

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Anne-Sylvie Giolo Nicollerat

Anne-Sylvie Giolo Nicollerat explains how the CMS experiment at CERN will help answer some of the questions left open in physics after Einstein’s theories.

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Michael Doser talks about antimatter

Michael Doser, experimental physicist at CERN, answers your questions on antimatter.

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Video Clips:
Relativity and the World Year of Physics

Watch some of the videos especially produced for Beyond Einstein.

Murray Gell-Mann

What today’s scientists think of Albert Einstein: short interviews to Nobel Laureates and world famous physicists

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World Year of Physics logo

Best of World Year of Physics 2005

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Pirelli Relativity Challenge

Pirelli Relativity Challlenge winners

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LHC Songs videoclip

LHC Songs: Surfing on the Web, Collider, Anti-man

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The LHC tunnel

Building the most powerful collider at CERN: the LHC

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