CERN Accelerating science

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Albert Einstein
Nobel Prize Physics 1921
Starring from 12:00 to 00:00 CET  

Antonio Guterres
High Commissioner for Refugees
Live at 14:20 CET  
Bob Kahn
Co-inventor with Vint Cerf of the TCP/IP protocol, the set of protocols that allow to  transmit and route data packets on the Internet
Live at 17:35 CET  
Carlo Rubbia
Nobel Prize Physics 1984
David Gross
Nobel Prize Physics 2004
Live at 17:00 CET  
Gabriele Veneziano
Theoretical physicist, superstrings expert
Georges Charpak
Nobel Prize Physics 1992
Gerard't Hooft
Nobel Prize Physics 1999
Live at 17:00 CET  
Jack Steinberger
Nobel Prize Physics 1988
John Ellis
Theoretical physicist
Leon Ledermann
Nobel Prize Physics 1988 and host of the Fermilab show
Live from 21:00 to 22:30 CET  
Martial Ducloy
Physicist, inventor of the World Year of Physics
Live at 12:00 CET  
Martin Huber
Live at 12:00 CET  
Murrray Gell-Mann
Nobel Prize Physics 1969
Live at 17:00 CET  
Paul Davies
Theoretical Physicist and time travel expert
Live at 22:30 CET  
Peter Kirstein
Internet pioneer
Live at 17:30 CET  
Robert Cailliau
Co-inventor of the World Wide Web
Live at 17:30 CET  

Tim Berner Lee
Inventor of the World Wide Web