CERN Accelerating science

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CERN is the European Organization for Nuclear Research, the world's
largest particle physics centre. Here physicists come to explore what
matter is made of and what forces hold it together.

CERN exists primarily to provide researchers with the tools necessary
for their job. These include accelerators, which accelerate particles
to almost the speed of light, and detectors, used to view and analyze
the particles.

Founded in 1954, the laboratory was one of Europe's first joint
ventures and now includes 20 Member States.

CERN is the central platform for the webcast and will host most of the
show's contents. We will feature a number of scientists and invited
guests, including theoretical and experimental physicists Alvaro de
Rujula, Rolf Landua, John Ellis, Gabriele Veneziano, Michael Doser and
many others.

Scientific data sonification is a kind of application that can greatly benefit from the development of large distributed computing infrastructures like GRID. Data sonification is becoming one of the most promising analysis tools, since sounds can summarize significant amounts of information and can be characterized, stored and studied in a simpler and easier way with respect to other data representations (such as images, for example).

Even though the use of sonification is now clearly understood by the scientific community, its practical use has received limited attention so far because of the intensive computing usually required to produce sounds. With the development of computing GRIDS. data sonification is now back to the public attention.





12:00   Opening from CERN, Geneva
- Best of World Year of Physics 
- Live connection with  Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt: Why Einstein?

14:20   Einstein was a refugee: "Refugees have a lot to give. Einstein was a refugee"
With UNHCR, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

16:00   Back to CERN, The Theory of Relativity & beyond

17:10   The SOLVAY Conference 2005, Hotel Metropole, Brussels: Nobel Laureates Physics Murray Gell-Mann, David Gross, and Gerard T’Hooft, and Stephen Hawking live for Q/A

19:30   Musical Entertainment: GRID sonifications

20:00   The three top mysteries left over by Einstein from CERN
Videoconference with VIRGO experiment at European
Gravitational Observatory, Pisa